We are Harvest Symphony, an artisan bakery, located in Loudoun Co, Virginia.  We are proud to offer the highest quality Gluten-Free line of exceptionally delicious seasonal Pies & Quiche, heart-y Granolas, scrumptious Cupcakes, and our line of specialty Cookies.  All made with love, of course.  We select and procure only fresh wholesome Certified Organic ingredients and marry them with our delicious recipes.  Baked fresh every day, our products are always Non-GMO, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free, Glyphosate-Free and made without Preservatives.

Our products were enjoyed at farmers markets and local events as people soon realized GF didn’t mean bland or tasteless, but actually were quite delicious when made with quality organic ingredients, and of course great recipes!  Our Granola line was launched in Whole Foods Markets in 2017 and has been acquiring loyal customers ever since, those who appreciate our commitment to quality organic ingredients.

You’ll find our products at your local Farm Market or CSA, or Online Ordering for home delivery!


Bud and Beth Harris trace their passion for quality food production back to the beginnings of their small “Specialty Coffee” shop in Great Falls, VA in 1990.  Having been mentored by the famed Diedrich coffee family, they began importing and roasting, right in their shop, raw green coffee purchased from small family farms from all around the world. It was from these relationships they learned the importance of small farms to their community and of their passion and love of the land.  Quality coffee harvests required hard work, a dedication to caring for the land and its environment, and the delicate balance needed to sustain fine quality.  It is a principle the Harris’ require from all their sources when purchasing the ingredients for their products.

Beth’s early training in the bakery business and her long love affair with gourmet foods was the synergy which brought about the marriage of “Harvest Symphony” and their many years as local producers of exceptional farm products.  It is with this love of food they offer their community the “Harvest Symphony”.


Harvest Symphony operates with the belief our products are a gift of our environment!  We are dedicated to supporting an organic farming food chain and the small family farms which promote the well-being of our local and global community, feeding and nourishing us all!

We Are Always

  • Organic
  • Wheat Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Soy
  • Non-Glyphosate
  • Non-Pesticide
  • Non-Preservative
  • Food with Integrity

Our products will always be from our family to yours 

“The Best of the Harvest!”